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culinary experiences to develop or launch your next product


You could spend years creating great food with no influence on how people will receive it, but you shouldn’t. This is where Bite Me steps in. Through our culinary experiences we build your brand with your audience and it’s perfect for product development and launches.


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co-create your product

with both your audience & producers


there is an amazing jump from production line to real people really tasting, feeling and trying it all out.


Product development in a culinary experience

  • Concept development
  • Locations and target groups
  • Event planning and hosting
  • Recipes and promotional material
  • Key insights and outcomes

Do you want to involve your audience in testing your product, develop it together with your team or even present the ideas and market reception so far to producers. In Product Development our team works with transforming your starting point into a culinary experience for either inspiration and new ideas, testing and feedback or simply exploring the possibilities together.


"You’ll be surprised how food can connect people or can be used to embed concepts for reflection."

Jacomijn Vels, managing director - Global Credit Restructuring, ING Bank N.V.


"They possess both knowledge and tools that take meals from just eating to complete experiences."

Luisa Carbonelli, co-founder Alibis for Interaction


shouldn't we develop your product in the real world?


launch your product

by letting people experience it fully


make your guests feel what your product can do and mean to them instead of you just saying it.


Product Launch with a culinary experience

  • Concept development
  • Locations and invitations
  • Event planning and hosting
  • Recipes and promotional material
  • Post-experience communication

This is where your product truly gets to shine no matter if it’s for a selected few potential ambassadors or inviting your entire market. No point in having co-created a great product that your audience will love, if they don't use it and share it . We give your audience a reason to spread the word through integrating your product in an all-encompassing experience - from inviting the right people the right way to providing them with experiences that can be shared at home, at work or online.


“The food worked as both a framework, the musical element and the center of attention in an unforgettable way."

— Morten Østergaard, member of parliament and former Danish minister


"It turned into 5 hours of cooking, drinking, eating and enjoying life with all the great people I met."

— Hazel Evans, co-founder Mad About Copenhagen


shouldn't we launch your product for real?


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