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We combine great food, design and interactions to create unique food events and consult on greater food experiences.

Because the world needs more memorable experiences
— Anastasia Dimitriadis, CEO - Bite Me Crew
Anastasia guessing the menu by it's smell

Anastasia guessing the menu by it's smell


creating unique food events

We believe you deserve a taste of something new, surprising and delicious. A unique food experience that invites you and your guests to be curious and entertained:

  • creative menus on food-installations

  • entertaining concepts and locations

  • full service, staff and set-up of event

  • complete customization and management

consulting on better food experiences

The world is filled with inspiring food-makers and products and we believe they deserve to be experienced fully. We consult and design the experience of food-products and -services:

  • customer fieldwork and research

  • recipe development and graphic design

  • prototype workshops and experiences

  • advice from an agency of food experts


the latest bite or next event


24 surprises for your own food experience


revolutionizing how we eat


the world is changing & food should be part of our solution


During the next couple of decades the food we eat and how we consume in general will change dramatically. Climate changes, obesity, population growth, increasing loneliness and new demographics are challenges affecting everyone. 

Meanwhile, food is fundamentally integrated in everyone's everyday life no matter if it's in the form of lack, abundance or otherwise. What we eat is one of the most complicated things to change, but manage it and the  impact is huge. We believe that understanding and designing how we eat through complete experiences will by extension revolutionize what we eat.