share great food

research, design, host & share

culinary experiences

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let great food meet great people


You could spend years creating great food with no influence on how people will receive it, but you shouldn’t. This is where Bite Me steps in. Through our culinary experiences we build your brand with your audience. We call it Experience Marketing and it’s perfect for fairs, launches and campaigns.



it all starts with your audience


we research & co-create

You have an idea, a vision and a (potential) market. We co-create presentation material and desired outcomes and then we let our facilitators and field researchers go straight to your market to ask them to contribute with insights and observations. Okay, sometimes they ask. Other times they just join your audience in their experiences.


Possible features

  • Experience feedback
  • Trendsetter interviews
  • Co-creation sessions
  • Field studies
  • Presentation material


& developing your product


we design & prototype

In gastronomy there is an amazing jump from thoughts on paper or the production line to real people really tasting, feeling and trying it out. So depending on your needs, this is showtime for our chefs, designers and photographers. They will get to work on putting together every aspect of later great experiences and prototype them along the way.


possible features

  • Mini-experiences
  • Recipe development
  • Photo/video material
  • Designed concepts
  • Branding assistance


now show it, don’t tell it


we host & promote experiences

This is where your product truly gets to shine no matter if it’s for a selected few potential ambassadors or inviting your entire market. Everything is designed and executed to make your guests feel what it can do instead of you just telling them.


possible features

  • Experiences for ambassadors/audience
  • Invitations and promotion
  • Staff, locations and more
  • Overall coordination
  • Photo/video material


then let people share it

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we train, communicate & evaluate

No point in having all these people really know and love your product if they don’t share it, is there? Besides using the produced materials to share the experiences even further, we give your audience a reason to spread the word and then we follow up on the guests so they stay connected to you.


possible features

  • Follow-up on ambassadors
  • Future experience-catalogue
  • Share-it packages
  • Social media material
  • Staff training

so that is experience marketing.

now choose a next step


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