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hey, let me tell you a story

Bite Me was founded in 2012 simply because we met great people behind great projects serving not so great food. Our starting point was to build communities using pots and pans, so we created street dinners, workshops and canteen concepts. However we soon came to realise that there is a lot great food out there but a big gap between the good people behind these culinary products and services and their potential audience. So we set out to bridge that gap and here you can read a bit about how we do it. Along the way all you need to understand is that, to us, food is deeply intertwined with all our lives and we need to understand those lives and create complete culinary experiences, if we are ever to create a world, where everyone enjoys and shares sustainable food and drinks. That's great food. 


with love

Anastasia Dimitriadou
CEO & Co-founder
Bite Me Crew

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Thomas Jefferson

"taste cannot be controlled by law"


a food-thinking agency

It’s a common mistake to think that what you taste is the same as what others taste or that just because you've created something great; it will naturally also be experienced this way by your audience. Instead taste is both personal as well as guided by our interactions with others and everyday life. That is why we focus on the complete experiences in every step of our marketing process and inspired by Design Thinking have developed a methodology that focuses on applying diverse food-related skill sets to develop and market culinary products and services. These skill sets (or more commonly known as just cool people) join our crew when needed for a project and forms our agency.



Anthropologists, nutritionists and others who aim to understand people eating food and enjoying drinks.



Chefs, bartenders, artists, performers and so on.



Graphics, interior, marketeers, photographers and the like.



Event and project coordinators, hosts and process facilitators.



selected clients

ING Bank, City of Copenhagen, Implement Consulting Group, Danish Association of Dairy Producers, Roskilde Festival, Nuit Blanche, Shell, Hivos, Waternet, MTV, Nike, Electrolux, VOLT, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, CPH Food Space, Rockwool Foundation, Denmark Eats Together, The Danish Ministry of Food & Environment and more.

selected press



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