unique culinary experiences

because we love great food


A long-ish story, stay with us


Bite Me was originally created in a world of social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs, who wanted to have a positive impact and change the world. Yet food was a side note in their daily businesses and coming from a world where food is at the center of life, we simply couldn’t understand such a priority. We started of by simply offering these trendsetting entrepreneurs some better choices but soon realized that the problem is not a lack of choice. It’s a lack of communicating, designing and implementing the experience of good food, so we can actually all love and share it.

At Bite Me we want more people to happily eat better and live more sustainably. We believe the only way to achieve this is by revolutionizing how we eat and experience good stuff. Because better food starts with greater experiences!


food experience design

or how we work


We have developed a process for how we can better experience better things. It draws on methodologies like Design Thinking and Service Design but also on the world of anthropology and performances. We call it Food Experience Design and it builds on these rules:



We don’t believe in kitchen-dogmas, but we do believe in fresh and beautiful ingredients made into an impressive product.


We work with interactive setups that allow for movement, surprises and collaboration. Cut down your veggies or pick your muffin from the wall.


We focus on creative designs, unique venues and passionate suppliers and partners that are driven by giving an experience the secret touch. The fun one.



We turn theoretical content into edible practise and make sure the experience reflects and fits your brand or agenda. It’s really about eating, connecting and feeling what’s otherwise just blah blah.


We always gently turn up the veggie-volume and tempt you into more sustainable food and drinks without you or your guests ever realising you missed a beat. That’s all in the design.


A food experience agency

Since 2012 we have established a crew with each their own talents, so we can take care of all the elements of experiencing food or food experiences. From designers to performers, from chefs to your designated event coordinator. Being an agency means different members of our crew will work together for your experience but of course someone has to stay cool in the heated moments and show up for office hours. That's this team: 


Anastasia, Food Boss

Anastasia grew up in a number of Greek restaurants in Germany owned by her family. Later she studied economics and entrepreneurship in Vienna and Amsterdam before co-founding Bite Me in 2012. Today she is in charge of sweet-talking you with creative and cool ideas, developing concepts and doing all the talking in general.


Jonas, Food Anthropologist

Jonas used to study anthropology focused on post-war areas until he realized that most conversations were about coffee and food. So instead he co-founded Bite Me in 2012 in Amsterdam and later pursued a master in anthropology & food. Today he provides us with knowledge and insights into the world of food and writes and develops our content and website.


William, Food Maestro

William started out his chef career with Claus Meyer back in the days. Since then he’s been around, training in both London & Amsterdam and working with popups from San Francisco to New Delhi. In Copenhagen he was one of the founders of the social restaurant Baglokalet and he’s worked with us on a number of projects through the years before becoming our Head Chef.


Matilde, Food Events

Matilde believes in food’s ability to change relations and recalls her past in the shape of good (or bad) food. She has written and been part of theater plays before joining the crew at Bite Me. Here she is our list- and coordination-master making sure that everything is ordered, ready and set for your or our events.


Cathrine, Food Design

While Cathrine was studying she helped out at our events as a waiter and all-around awesome taking-care-of-stuff kind-of-person. Then suddenly one day she was a educated landscape architect and, we thought, lost as a waiter. Her passion for food brought her back though! Today she does all the design of both graphics, spaces and events and a whole bunch of coordination as well.


Karina, Food Visuals

Karina considers food to be art and believes it always deserves to be shown from it’s best side. We can find no objections to add to that! Originally from Poland, Karina has a background as an artist and a huge interest in the ritual ways of food. At Bite Me she is in charge of designing, capturing and communicating the visuals of our world.