share great food

because we love great food


and want more people to have fun with it


Close your eyes for a second and think about which fruit our logo represents. Do it now. Got it? Aha, well we assume you just got it right, it is an apple. To be exact: a bitten apple; a playful and complex apple.

Apples appear in many traditions as a mystical or forbidden fruit and as a symbol for knowledge, immortality, temptation and even sin. We like to think of it as the fruit that is charming, inviting, fascinating, tempting and...irresistible.

Bite Me invites you on a journey full of irresistible surprises which, ultimately, make you bite the apple. We're about playfully tempting you to interact with and experience fantastic food and share in our love for it and it's makers.


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a food experience agency


Bite Me works with, for, as and around food as a whole experience. We have put together a crew of awesome people with a love for food and each their own unique talents: designers, anthropologists, hosts, photographers, performers, bartenders or drink-masters and of course quite a few chefs.  Different members of our crew will work together for your experience but of course someone has to stay cool in the heated moments and show up for office hours. That's this team: 



sales & partners

Anastasia grew up in a number of Greek restaurants in Germany owned by her family. Later she studied economics and entrepreneurship in Vienna and Amsterdam before co-funding Bite Me in 2012. Today she is in charge of sweet-talking you with creative and cool ideas!

When Anastasia doesn't run around talking and developing concepts with our clients and partners, she is also a coach and plays the occasional ukulele.


photographer on it's way


Events & Design

Sandra once wanted to become a chef because of her love for food, aesthetics, texture and creating. After pickling herring for a week she let go of that dream though and instead became a designer and art director. Today she is in charge of putting everything together so it both runs smoothly and looks good. Nice, eh?

When Sandra doesn't make our experiences work for you, she is freshening up her education as a Living Yolates trainer.



research & strategy

Jonas used to study anthropology focused on post-war areas until he realized that most conversations were about coffee and food. So instead he co-founded Bite Me in 2012 in Amsterdam and later pursued a master in anthropology & food. Today he provides us with knowledge and insights into the world of food and that stuff...

When Jonas isn't discussing the meaning of food, you can find him teaching and developing new projects at the University of Copenhagen.

our food-thinking


colorful, seasonal, local vs. organic, internationally creative and satisfying a.k.a. tasty


We try to balance out between those arguments in our crew, when we put together menus. We are passionate about making catering and events playful, stimulate all senses and create tempting food experiences that engages people and makes them, well happy. That means, we work with 4 elements when putting together experiences in both catering and events both when we develop set concepts for you to choose ready-to-go and when you ask us to develop something with you.


1. the idea

Together with you, we discuss and choose the right concept and content for the experience based on your desired feel and outcome.

2. test it

We develop and test seasonal and sensual menus inspired by the cuisines and trends of the world made by talented chefs in our crew.

3. design it

We incorporate the menus in interactive food installations, so you audience becomes curious and stays entertained.

4. host it

We aren't deliver-and-run caterers, so our crew helps to guide the experience and interactions with you and your audience. 

our quirky villa

Villa Kultur-4.jpg

your next favorite location


On a quiet street in Copenhagen you'll find a more than 100 year old and close to 800 square-meters villa. It has survived decades of city planning, happily forgotten by bulldozers, so most of the original architectural vision from the original family Hendriques - one of the richest and most influential families in Denmark in the early 20th century - still remains. Together with the City of Copenhagen and other current residents of the Villa we have developed it into a cultural working and event space called Villa Kultur. This is where you find our office but more important the location for many of our event experiences. Check out how the Villa has been used in our cases from Vild Vin Festival and the Cheese Laboratory.