Welcome to Bite Me’s very own Christmas Calendar! This calendar is everything a regular Christmas calendar is supposed to be. It will shorten the time to Christmas by small little surprises every day that make counting the days more fun. We love this time because it gives us a great excuse to celebrate with the people we care about, and this year we have decided to share 24 products, items or concepts that we feel deserve to be celebrated. So without anyone paying us to do so or having any influence on what, how or why - this year’s Christmas Calendar will be 24 fun celebrations of foods, drinks and more that we love. Sometimes they come with recipes, sometimes with a silly idea for how to enjoy it most and at times just with a visual of why it is we love it at all ;)

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can’t wait? spend some time with our christmas calendar 2017

We thought, hey all year around we gather fun ideas for interactions or kitchen tricks or hosting elements that make gatherings more memorable and fun. And as our gift to you we took our favourite 24 items and put them together in one visual calendar that we hope will inspire you, make you smile and have you copy one or the other. You could call them 24 irritations, that will make you stand out since after all we only live once, right? ;)

Pictures by Aurelia Hostettler.