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Welcome to our Catering & Events products - divided into 4 levels. In each level we turn up the volume on service, customisation and quality. Or everything, really.

William Milsted, Head Chef, and Anastasia Dimitriadis, CEO.

William Milsted, Head Chef, and Anastasia Dimitriadis, CEO.


act i: social

For reception & dining


We got fed up with only being fed and neither impressed or entertained when we attended receptions and business dinners. Our concepts and seasonal menus for SOCIAL are designed, so the food and drinks are surprising and provide an excuse to interact with each other.  

SOCIAL is available both as part of an event and as delivery-only. In the first case we integrate the menu in our interactive installations and tools and in the second case we pack it in our own designs and with the necessary instructions to make the most of it.

This product is for you if:

  • You want an informal and relaxed setup, standing up or sitting down

  • You want to create a curious and comfortable atmosphere without too many strings attached

  • You want your guests to interact with each other; and with you of course

Bite Me has an exceptional skill to make the catering into an experience and facilitate meetings between people. In all, the servings from Bite Me tied
the program of the day together and enabled our guests to experiment, laugh and meet other people.
— Pål Fernvall, Senior Entrepreneurship Officer, Denmarks Technical University

menu example


Canned tomato gazpacho (you cut down the hanging spoon)


Roti, babaganoush and vesterhavs cheese wrap with fresh herbs

Steamed bao buns with pork/mushroom, hoisin and coriander


Plums, almonds, white chocolate, olives and almond foam

act II: Customised

For launches, meetings & teambuilding


This product is for you if:

  • You want your guests to experience your newest product or idea through taste and senses

  • You want to create an atmosphere, that invites your guests to stick around

  • You want entertainment that serves as an ice- breaker for the right conversations

  • You want to impress your guests with a memorable experience to share further

Now, sometimes the set menu just isn’t quite enough. You could be launching something new and exciting and want the food to reflect the design, values or brand. Or perhaps you want the dinner to actually make sense for the agenda or purpose of your seminar or meeting.

With CUSTOMISED we base menu, setup and the entire event on your content. Then we help facilitate how your guests interact with it all. We promise impressed guests and new connections.

Bite Me Crews dishes definitely created
an instagrammable environment for the influencers and loads of pictures were taken of the stunning dishes! Not only was the food absolutely delicious, but the creative dishes also reflected Alton&Heim as a brand very well and didn’t steal focus from the furniture.
— Alberte Lynggard, MediaCom Denmark

act III: freaking fancy

For celebrations & the extraordinary


This is where we bring it all together and push up the level. It’s a full on dinner-based experience designed to impress, connect and eat, drink and be merry. For some it fits perfectly to walk around and interact with our chefs and bartenders. For others it’s better to just sit down, lean back and relax while our waiters handle the rest.

In both cases, your designated event coordinator from our crew makes sure that everything runs smoothly and helps to put it all together; venue, menu, materials, setup, entertainment and more.

This product is for you if:

  • You want a wider range of even better food and drinks

  • You want a larger and dedicated service team to handle the event

  • You want to set up a venue, event and full experience to impress

  • And you still want it to be unique and customised

Bite Me really pushed the creative boundaries of what we wanted to deliver. Every element of the service was considered and done with a smile. I would love to use Bite Me again at any of our international events.
— Kris Shaw, Porter & Sail

menu example


Fried tapioca chips with pickled onion gel, topped with sourcream and onion dust


Cod tartar with capers and cornichons with waffles

Cabbage leaf wrap with cream, kimchi style cabbage and dried kale chips

Roasted salsify with hazelnut mayonnaise and chopped hazelnuts

Onions shells filled with tamari, ginger and sesame sauce

Grilled langustines with juzucream and hibiscus dust

Roasted sourdough bread with forest mushrooms and wood sorrel


Grilled & pickled plums marinated in snaps topped with almond foam, white chocolate and roasted black olives

& your crazy idea

Draw whatever your heart desires. Then give us a call.

Bite Me didn’t only turn my ideas and dreams into reality - they added something to all dimensions. In that way it became my event as I had imagined it - just much better than I had dared to hope for.
— Morten Østergaard, member of parliament and former Danish minister

This product is for you if:

  • You want to break the frames we’ve given you so far

  • You have even bigger dreams for an event or experience

  • You are seeking a long-term collaboration

  • Or really just to symbolise that we are always open for a brainstorm with you