#12 Blind Tasting

We know that you have eyes and that you like to use them while you are eating. Duh! But here comes a challenge. What if you don't? We are sure you have heard that if you eliminate one sense the others become stronger?

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Anastasia DimitriadisComment
#6 hidden snacks

Isn't it just wonderful when you find food you have not been counting on? Of course only if is still edible.. What we mean here is the positive surprise effect that we all like to have more of in our lives. Or under our chairs.

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#5 be a sou-chef

What are they doing here, we can hear you say? Well, we are handing out spices that are in test tubes - by now you know we like to play with those. To be more precise we are handing out symbols of responsibility because these flavours are missing on the dishes.

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