Aroma Poetry


No this is not Aroma therapy, it is aroma poetry. A starter for the nose and a sense we neglect way to often when eating food. You probably noticed that you cannot really taste anything if you cannot smell so that is where this idea comes from. In the picture you can see our test person ( Me :)) smelling a 3-course menu card. And just as they taste differently, they also smell differently which is presented here in form of essential oils sprinkled on this card.

Let's make this more concrete. Say our first course is a salad with rosemary, on the top of the card is a little circle drawn and a drop of rosemary. The second course is a ceviche with a lime dressing, so guess what the circle smells like: lime oil. As dessert say we have a lemon pie, so the bottom of the card where it says 3rd course it smells like lemon oil. If you want to experiment with this, go to your local health shop and check out the essential oil shelf and be creative. Some of the oils which are organic you can even use in cooking! But the others can always be smelled :) We used a kind of rough paper which we could write on but also sprinkle a dot of oil. 

A card like this can easily replace a written menu (you maybe never do that?) but it is also a great game to start the conversation about what you are going to serve. It is fun, come on it looks funny, doesn't it? :)

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