Be a sou-chef

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What are they doing here, we can hear you say? Well, we are handing out spices that are in test tubes - by now you know we like to play with those. To be more precise we are handing out symbols of responsibility because these flavours are missing on the dishes. Yep. And we want the guests to distribute them, when we tell them to.

Imagine someone holds the quite important dried oregano for the greek salad. Oregano missing on Greek salad. Catastrophe. And when it's time to serve the salad you ask that guest to drizzle some oregano on each plate. Through this way all guests can turn into sou-chefs of the dinner, have a function and can look forward to when their turn arises.

Right, so in order to do this you need a menu and some preferably dried spices that you can place in test-tubes or even envelopes or bags if you wish. These spices usually go into the dish directly but you leave them out on purpose and hand them to your guests by arrival. Then you say, "hold on to this, we will need it throughout the dinner where you will play a special role, so don't lose it. I will let you know what to do with it when the time has come". Can you imagine how the attention among the guests increases?

It can also be any other final ingredient: sauces, dressings, flowers and so on - just choose the right kind of container (=a tight one) for it ;) And instead of handing them out, they can also be hidden around the dinner table of course... so many options!

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