Blind Tasting

12 blind.gif

We know that you have eyes and that you like to use them while you are eating. Duh! But here comes a challenge. What if you don't? We are sure you have heard that if you eliminate one sense the others become stronger?

So if you stop watching what you are eating then you maybe start tasting instead with a tingling expectation of what is coming next. "And why would I do that?" you are asking? Okay, if you are not already caught by the fun of this game then at least see it as the ultimate time saving tool in the kitchen.

Because simple pieces of apple turn into juicy sweet mountains of crispness, cubes of cucumbers into a refreshing dip into a swimming pool, carrots into sweet strong aromatic waves of rawness, and pickled radish... yeah.. into a fragrant, moist and funky surprise. Who said a vegetable crudité platter can't be poetic? :)


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