Burnt? Yes please


Accidentally burnt food really is no fun. But burnt food on purpose is! Let us introduce you to our all time favourite kitchen tool: the blowtorch. If you are saying "whaaat?" then let Nick Nishi explain it to you in this video...

Good, now, if you don't have one of those at home you want to order it for your birthday and tell them to deliver early cause you want to use it when you serve dinner. In our photo we are showing you olives slightly roasted with lemon zest and salt. A simple snack you can perform in front of people because it literally blows them away ;)

Imagine the possibilities you have with this tool that not only entertains but also makes any surface crispy (like meat, fish, vegetables, bread) and gives that slightly roasted flavour, even if it hasn't been in the oven. How smart! OR! It can heat things up (like cold meat, fish, vegetables, bread). Isn't this a power tool?

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