Culinary treasure hunts


Can you remember last time you went on a treasure hunt?  If not, can you at least remember the fun in exploring a map and the excitement with maybe finding the big chunk of gold? Going on treasure hunts evoke curiosity, fun and if done together even a communal sense. And you can get all that even without serving alcohol! Cliché, we know, but hey

Now you might say okay to a treasure hunt, but for what? For food of course, not gold. In this case we placed food in different rooms of the house. And because the house was so big it was inviting for a treasure hunt. Now you might argue, that you don't have a house. Alright, no problem. Think of each piece of furniture as a room instead. Make a simple blueprint of your apartment or room and hide food in or around different furniture. This works well for starter snacks or desserts, because they can wait for a little while until they are eaten. So hide candy in drawers or on top of your very well-dusted closet, hint to ice-cream in the freezer or canapés on the bed?

At last tie the map to your welcome drink or to the dessert wine or coffee mug and then watch how your guests start exploring your place. 

PS: We hope your guests won't find that secret drawer of yours ;)

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