Dinner tea time

10 wein_tee.gif

Yes it can be tea time anytime. Even at dinner. But if you think just because it looks like we are serving tea, we are serving tea, you are wrong. Surprise! In this tea time we are serving red wine. Yes red wine can be drunk out of other containers than glass. Pouring it into the tea pot even serves as a wine decanter. You didn't have one of those in your home? Now you do :)

This little trick can be a great way to start a surprise welcome for your guests or end as grand finale. And just think of the endless possible drinks you can serve this way, maybe you want to serve simple juice or maybe long island cocktail? White Russians work really well here too or do you want to go for white glögg? The last thing even has the added benefit that it will stay warm.

What are you going to serve next time we come at "tea time"? ;)

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