Edible landscapes


We got some good news for you because this is the red carpet version in food and you don’t even need to be royal to experience it. This red carpet is an edible landscape which we secretly wished restaurants would use more because they are just so much fun. Eating directly from the table, discovering all the small pieces that magically fit together and of course that feeling of absolute abundance when having the honour to be seated on this feast. Edible landscapes are about exploration and interaction and whoops did we just mention two of our core values here? I am afraid so ;)

To create an edible landscape you want to clear your table and roll out the baking paper. Then you want to choose items that can be placed there, like roasted vegetables or cheeses or herbs. Pouring sauce over it might be a bad idea, but a little bit of oil or even sprinkles of lemon can work. Try it with a tomato mozzarella salad, potatoes or vegetables, bread and butter, anything that can sit for a little while until your guests start eating all of it. We like to prepare it in advance and surprise our guests when they arrive and slowly fill up the landscape with more edibles during the night. Man, even chicken wings can land there. Go wild. 


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