Flying herbs


We are wondering how your traditional food looks like because in most places it doesn't contain too much freshness. Instead, there is often fat and butter and some more grease. So we thought herbs could be a great way to freshen it all up. Just in case you would like to add something but still also stick to traditions. So why not have herbs suddenly fly over the dinner table where all guests if they feel like it can help themselves. And all of you can eat from a herb buffet.

What you need are balloons, helium, or a shop that fills balloons with helium for you, some strings, some scissors and fresh herbs. You need to check out how high your ceiling is and cut the strings accordingly. You also want to make sure not having too many candles around; otherwise you know what could happen...

Then you want to find out just how many herbs you can hang on a string because depending on the size of the balloon, they cannot hold that much weight. If you look closer on our photo you can see an individual piece of parsley or a piece of mint or a single string of oregano. So go and:

Herb up your life!

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