Frozen surprise anyone?


What would you say if you are sitting around a dinner table and your host came with a bottle of milk for dessert which he or she then also want to cut open in the middle with a pair of scissors. Ahhhh!! Do you want to spill milk all over the table? And when your alarm system calms down a second: What milk for dessert? Are you kidding me?

After a short while you realise of course it ain’t milk: it is a home made parfait, wrapped in the perfect hidden costume. Maybe in this case a nude costume, since milk is still most of the content ;)

What we would like to make you aware about is that there are a lot of unused “costumes” when we serve food. Did you ever think of making your own herbal butter and placing it back into its packaging? Or emptying a bag of chips and replacing them with boiled potatoes? What you really need for this is a steady hand to open the packaging slowly and carefully putting the new stuff in. Place it on the table with your guests and watch the surprised faces. It will be fun. At least for you...

Oh and want this parfait recipe? Then you might wanna google translate this one we used:

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