Hidden snacks

06 snack-under-chair.gif

Isn't it just wonderful when you find food you have not been counting on? Of course only if is still edible.. What we mean here is the positive surprise effect that we all like to have more of in our lives. Or under our chairs.

We of course like it best in form of tasty snacks that brighten up long waiting times, as for example between the courses of a dinner. Or maybe it just for cleansing the mouth of a strong garlic dish. On top of that it lets people move in a fun way when they try to reach under the chair. A simple intermezzo you can prepare before your guests are in the house and will astound even the most conservative party member. Go try it!

It is as easy as it looks. Just place crisps or candy or chewing gum or dried fruit or herbs or whatever you can think of (maybe a small shot bottle?) in a small bag and glue it with a ribbon and sticker under the chairs. Be careful not to have them hang too low, otherwise the surprise is ruined! Voilà you've just performed magic. 

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