Make it into powder

13 hibiscus.gif

And you thought only sugar can be powdered? Nahah! This is Hibiscus. To be precise, the flower of a Hibiscus. You know this ingredient most likely as tea. But this one here is thrown as a whole into in a regular electric coffee grinder until all you have left is powder.

If you think the joker of Hibiscus is its color then you didn't know that it is also pretty sour! Sprinkle it over food that need some acidity, replace the lemon or give your sweet ice- cream a sour make over. Anything works. And for all da ladies, fun fact- Hibiscus is also a natural blush. So go ahead and lick each others faces. Or maybe not. No we did not say that ;)

So take your coffee grinder and make stuff into powder! Try grinding freeze dried raspberries or blueberries, strawberries and bring back some summer in these winter times. Or anything else you can fin freeze dried.

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