Never drink alone

08 connected-glasses.gif

And here we give away one of the classics we like to treat our guests with. This secret will do for you that which you are craving for. Connection. Between your guests. You can even leave the room, prepare stuff in the kitchen and come back to a joyful crowd. Especially if they don't know each other.  How come? Because people need to communicate with each other in order to drink.

This is the ice-breaker that can make 200 people feel seen, worthy and warm around their hearts. And sometimes really drunk. So make sure there is always a full bottle close by and sit back and relax because your guests are hosting themselves. Good stuff, we know.

All you need to do is take a string and connect two opposite glasses with a thread, just long enough that two people have to bend over the table to reach the glass with their lips. Do this and you will for sure never drink alone. Or you'll regret it ;)

The Advanced Track : Connect 3 or even 4 glasses together, or maybe a whole row, so the entire table has to drink together. Be prepared for a lot of lifting!

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