Presents everywhere


So have you made it all the way through planning your event and finally the big day has come? We hope it will be filled with presents especially the intangible ones like laughter, joy, piece, harmony, flavor, hugs, stories, fun and timelessness. But a physical present might also help a bit...

We like to place food in boxes, leave Do-it-yourself instructions, put a bow around it and call them presents. Why? Because in reality everybody likes presents and when they land unconventionally on the dinner table, it's even better...

If you want to copy this food present, you need to think first about which course you can easily dismantle so your guest can put it back together. Like Lego. You know Lego? :) In our case we used a dessert in a glass but it could also be a tapas plate with bread and dips. We split up the dessert and placed the strawberry sauce and crumbles in separate test tubes. Again here, hot food is not a good idea, it gets soggy and weird. And the box is not supposed to look anything like a regular to-go box.

So, after you found your food of desire place them all in a box of carton if you have and wrap it. With gift wrapping paper or a simple bow. Something so it looks like a present. You know how to do that ;) When you serve it, either leave a note on what to do or verbally instruct the crowd. Sometimes it is also fun to leave no clue and see what happens. The choice is yours.

Really good tip: Under all circumstances forbid shaking the present before opening! You're welcome. 

We hope you have the time of your life. ;) or at least something like that!

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