Show it don't tell it

02 compliment_chair.gif

Now when we say "Show it don't tell it", we are talking about you being a guest showing appreciation to your host! You are invited at someones lovely home, maybe a little bit tired from work and just super glad someone was standing all day in the kitchen making food for you! You just get to sit back and relax and hopefully say "thank you" at some point.

But you know what works even more? A seat full of thank you notes while your host is preparing dessert in the kitchen. Take out those post its and pens, distribute them among the guests and get creative!

Do you want to say, you are simply awesome? Your pudding is the best one I have ever tasted? Do you want to comment the detailed decoration? Or even your hosts outfit? All positive goes and the more the merrier. Believe us it will feel better than warm socks. 

You're welcome for the cheapest gift you can buy your host next time :)


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