Spray it baby

03 spray.gif

When we think of food that has been sprayed upon, it is usually not a good sign. Yeah yeah. But this one is obviously different because what is inside the bottle brings great flavour to the object of desire.

Fragrance bottles are found mostly in your cosmetic department. We know you could fill a whole department ;) But what if you think of elements, you can extract from there? Like this spray bottle you could fill with all kinds of fun liquids to apply on the (boring/casual/flavourless/same old) food. Ehh when it is an unused bottle of course.

Beetroot and lemon juice on a piece of sweet apple? Or a vinaigrette for a salad? The salty truffle oil on those boiled potatoes? Or maybe even some cognac you would light up the next time you serve cheese? Just spray it baby.

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