Sweet injections


Woop woop you made it to our blog number 17, congratulations! Are you getting any smarter? Hehe. If not, we need to give you a shot now. A sweet injection of salty caramel. That is certainly going to heal you...

Alright alright, you know that was just abracadabra BUT injections for sure make regular brownies more exciting. It is a great interactive tool for guests that you want to keep far from boredom, or eating instantly without even looking at your food.

Yes we know, injections are usually off the table, especially because they belong into a different context but that is also what makes them so provocative. You can get them at regular pharmacies, just ask for them at the counter. In this case we filled them with salty caramel but other stuff also works in them, like dressings, creams.. because they have a sort of vacuum even watery things hold in there ;) Inject into soft materials like a cake or bread or soft vegetables or even meatballs. To make it child friendly just skip the needle part and voila next to the fork there could be lying the injection. 

Serve a fun welcome snack like that or a dessert to regain the focus of the group. Yeah? Convinced? :)

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