The art of plating


Be honest! When you read the title the art of plating, did you think of a burger showing up on an upside down plate? Well, since it is almost impossible to guess that, we assume your answer is no. Although now we are kind of curious what you thought was going to come..

In the gastronomic world plating or arranging the food is important and we get it, because it is all about satisfying the visual sense, right? The eye eats first. And lots of chefs are great at producing extraordinary pieces of art with swooshed sauces on the plate and sprinkles over there.. We believe additionally that you have the power to plate stuff too. Maybe you have a painter inside of you who can draw with sauces on the plate but in case you don't you can always become an installation artist who plays with the material that we have around us.

Why do we turn a plate upside down? To seek attention, to show playfulness, to highlight something special, to make something into an experience. This can work with all kinds of plates or even glasses for canapés or only using cutlery to serve mouth bite sized food. We dare you to serve soup from a plate that is upside down :) 

Thanks to Foodoir for lending us both plate and burger.

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