The croissant heaven


Ahh yeah, can you feel it too? The exquisiteness of this heaven now moving over your head right now and you reaching out to grab one of those crispy and fluffy croissants? Hmm. It might be obvious that we love good buttery croissants and therefore think it feels like heaven when eating them, so why not make one? You are checking box creative, fun, interactive, surprise, unique…time-consuming and fragile all at the same time.

Can you see yourself getting up early on a Sunday morning and preparing this lovely heaven for your loved one? If you do then all you need is this see-through thread, a needle and really strong tape to make them hang up the ceiling. But imagine all the other things you could hang! Apples or candy or cookies or whatever really. What is hanging from your food heaven? What food makes you feel like you are in heaven? And does it contain just as much butter as our pieces? ;)

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