Think like a chemist

01 testing-tube.gif

What is it you can see here on the picture? Well let me guess, you see an orange liquid being filled up in testtubes. Do you know what it is?

If we would serve it to you, say as a welcome drink, wouldn't you pay more attention than if it was just the ordinary bubbles you know so well coming in the champagne flutes? AHA! You would indeed. You would probably also be surprised and curious what this orange thing will taste like.

In our case you can see a Sea-buckthorn cocktail with Mango. When we think like a chemist in the kitchen with combining fun flavours it makes even more sense to also serve it that way. Right? ;) 

What are you going to serve when you activate the chemist inside you? And which container might help you serve this unordinary drink? 

Oh and wanna get those testtubes? You can buy them right here:

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