Use those hands

09 von-Hand.gif

Did you realise that you have been gifted with on of the most amazing tools in the whole wide world? Your hands. Yes your precious hands. They can do so many things, you might have forgotten. Like eating food. By themselves. Without any clutches aka fork or spoon. And you know what's great about it. It is just so much fun, can you see?

Licking ones hands does not only give excitement to toddlers but also grown ups. Maybe not at first. But after the confusion of serving a dish without cutlery there only comes joy. Sensual joy which most of us forget unless we eat french fries. Our brain is trained to think that if we lick our hands, it must be good. Think about this. Your cooking skills don't even need to improve for this. Win & win. 

Surprise your guests by serving gnocchis or a ratatouille or even a poussin only with birth given tools. You can even go a step further and initiate a washing hands ritual right there in your living room. Caution! Grandma might freak out. Ours at least would ;)

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