What's your secret?

04 secret.gif

The trick here is replacing name cards that are patiently waiting on the table for the guests to be discovered. Though actually this has nothing to do with making it easy for people to find their seat, but rather fun and interactive.

In fact it is about guessing the name of the person whose secret is written on this 'name card'. The person whose secret it is will at the end sit down at the seat, but of course thus revealing their secret to everyone if it hasn't already been guessed.

Why are we playing these games? Well first of all who doesn't like games? And second, this way people have something else to kick-start the conversation. Something more amusing than "So, how is it going?" or worse the awkward silence.  In this scenario you and your boring cousin can buddy up and have something in common, for just a little while and we promise, it will give the table loads to talk about other than the weather or work stuff.  

You can do this as a host or as a super engaged guest. All you need to prepare in advance is asking the people participating if they would like to share a fun secret which you then place it on a card. Or maybe you know some secrets of your guests? Even better. Sorry to say this but you won't be playing along as you already know the answers but hey, the crowd will.

On the gif, you see what we rather wanted to hide here from Anastasia's teenage years.

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