Winter (Ice)-cream


Hola! I feel like I am becoming super Danish here playing the game of “how well do you know Anastasia?”. You might know; that quiz that sneaks up at every birthday. No one has ever initiated one for me though, sniff sniff. I will tell you this if you should ever make one for me though, I love butter and I love Ice-cream. And something I dislike about winter is when all the good ice-cream stores close.

Why do they do that? Can anybody explain? I can eat ice-cream anytime of the year. Hot, windy, frosty, cold, who cares. So here I want to introduce you to a special kind of cream.

The “buttered” cheese -Burrata- in an ice-cream cone! It is so soooooooft and gentle in taste, it just melts in your mouth. Call me crazy or try it out for yourself: Take a cone, add the burrata, sprinkle apple vinegar, fresh blueberries, salt flakes, fresh pepper and good olive oil and omg! OMG!! The “buttered” cream you should open a store with. Trust me I will be your customer :)

For some years burrata has been reserved for Italians or menus at restaurants but now it’s actually available for anyone, in Denmark at least, from the amazing guys at

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