Flower Jello shots


You know working in a collective house full of creatives here at Villa Kultur holds many good options ready for you. For instance this one- getting jello shots from our neighbor, Loa Gitz, shaped like gorgeous flowers. Well when she does it; not so much with me.

In her normal life she is a brand designer but in her free time she needed to come up with a drinking motivation to make her parental friends juice the party mood out of them. Haha, so she combined her love for jelly and fun in an easy to digest mouthful. She makes combinations like Aperol Spritz or Tequila Raspberry.

Using injections, a steady hand and colored sugar cream you can make anything come true here. As Loa loves flowers these are the patterns you can find in her shots. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly get shots offered at one of our coming events cause we think these glibber things are hilarious and also split the crowd we know. Too bad if you are one of them who can’t stand jelly, cough cough.. more for us ;)

Oh and if you jelly jealous now you can contact her and order some https://www.instagram.com/loagitz/

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