#12 The handjob


You will find that the best food you ever taste is handmade. It comes from your grandma, a talented chef or maybe even your own genius hands. Same applies to drinkables!

Wine lovers in the house? Yes right?! If I think back what kind of wine I used to put into my mouth I can only squeeze my eyes, wrinkle my face and think yiks.

Good times when the Chardonnay came from Hofer (Austrian Aldi) for only 2,99€ or was it even less? Yes, I admit it, I was 24 years old and was at the peak of my party time. Not sure what I really drank there but for sure not pure grapes.

Over the years in Denmark I got introduced to nature wine and although I must have made the same face I just described earlier when I tasted this animal farm farting elixir, I can’t go back. I love it. Now all my sensitive little taste buds allow is pure, must be made with love and cost at least 5 times more.. to my misfortune.. In days when I feel like it is not about the alcohol in the wine, I think this grape juice/nectar/liquid is magical. Dense, rich and full of flavors. Only some come from my own hands, if you drank from this glass.

Otherwise find it here http://www.dagmar.rynkeby.dk/

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