Flower blanket


If you have been following along you know by now that I love butter (or should I say am obsessed with it?!) so there is really nothing that makes me happier than thinking of a blanket of butter wrapped around me. I am not allowed to show you how that would look like. Sorry ;)

Instead we are covering a piece of rye bread with it and pimping it up with these edible flowers. And aren’t they cute? The fun part is that all of them come with their own flavors. So biting into it can evoke some spicy sweet tastes, some that are little more like cress and therefore sharper, oniony and if you want to be very charming you offer your friend the yellow szechuan flower which instantly makes your tongue go numb.

To give you a better idea here is what Averill (someone we found on the web) said about his experience “The flower, on the other hand, tastes like a 9-volt battery. It’s electrifying and hits you on a molecular level. We’re talking nerve damage here, where your tongue and mouth actually go numb after an awkward salivating period. It’s absolutely horrible, but in a really terrific sort of way, which is confusing, kind of like when you discover you like to be spanked. Or so I’ve heard.”

Again, it’s one of those things that have been reserved for us food-businesses as a secret trick, but now you can make this sensual palette between sweet smoothness and electrifying spanking with https://scandinavia.koppertcress.com/ or from the shelves of Irma if in Denmark :)

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