Break Dance


Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant, you are expecting someone to serve you nicely plated food but instead you receive a tin can. I am sure you are way too polite to send my upset look at the waiter but inside of you, you feel it too. What the heck?

Our expectations are driving our experience and if you brake them there is a small window of opportunity. To get me present and stop for a second. To my surprise in this restaurant where you can see me at, somebody placed a fully functioning Poké Bowl in a bloody can. Just to be overly foodie about it ;)

First you see me politely eating with knife and fork but then I remembered how bold they were, having the guts to serve me a can of food. So I am thinking: I can be that too. F*ck the cutlery and give me that Poke stuff.

My homage to you: Break that dance.

And if you need cans (and a ton of other fun…things) for it, they are from

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