Boob(ice) in my drink


The first time we served a drink with these master ice cubes they got the same attention as a woman with a deep cleavage. No I am not kidding. First I thought this must be a joke. I mean they are just ice cubes but bigger right? But if you secretly watch people how they interact with these coolers some of them like to squeeze them in their mouth and suck at them. Do you belong to this type? Trying to place these ice cubes in your mouth might have the same effect as… okay never mind.

Well, cleavage or not, who cares, all genders and sizes are welcome. For this ice cube variation of a skinny bitch cocktail we used these pleasurable trays from Notre Dame.

Take the mold and fill it half with frozen strawberry pure and the other half with lemon juice and let them stand in your freezer, best over night. Then take a big glass, add 3 to 4 boob-balls (or as many as you can handle ;), a shot of vodka and freshen it up with some sparkling water and stir until you see the colors change. Enjoy how your cocktail will actually get better while you drink it!


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