Royal nuts


Here I am revealing another secret of mine. I have this self image of not being picky where in fact, jeez I AM picky. Before I realized this, I thought I am this “I like any kind of food” person. After I admitted my fastidious (=picky) choices I realized I don’t like when my coffee gets cold, when soup is not hot enough, when ice-cream has grainy texture, when eggplants aren’t fried enough, when french fries aren’t crispy enough and I really do not appreciate walnuts.

There I said it. It is not even only about their flavor, because as you might have noticed I am texture picky and walnuts leave this feeling of petting a dog in the wrong direction. No one is happy.

But something I really do enjoy is play. In fact I love being silly and this little man makes me want to play. With anything. In this case even walnuts, or the royal guards from Copenhagen. And maybe it’s my imagination or does it taste a bit better when you play with your food? Maybe there should be more products that supports that ;)

Also my apologies to the guard type of guys for being very annoying while they did their work and thank you for not shooting us. Next time I’ll bring enough to share.

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