Garden Dishwasher


Did you know that my favorite dish is a Greek Salad? How cliché I know. But this simple combination just does all the work for my well being. Salty, sour, fresh, sharp and deep flavors, hmm simply I’m lovin’ it. Ba Da Ba Ba Baaa.

But this one isn’t really about salads, so excuse me for getting a bit serious on you for a moment. We all need to start using fully biodegradable stuff for, well, when we don’t have real tableware around. Eataplate takes it all the way cause you can actually eat it…or just feed your garden with it. So if you serve me a (good) Greek Salad I might even finish the plate itself with it and make sure nothing stays behind.

So, ladies and gentlemen and all other blends this could be your opportunity never to do any dishes in your life ever again. Okay, that’s not very sustainable but you could offer your guest to eat their plate in case they are still hungry. Could need a grain of salt if you ask me (yes, I have tried eating it). Or may I even suggest accompanying flavors to my salad? How about some flakes of oregano or dried mint? Maybe then my grandma would consider serving us her Christmas dinner from them ;)

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