Oily skin


As a half Greek I am deeply in love with olive oil. I am wondering while I write this, who isn’t ? I’ve never heard someone say, “yiks olive oil, get this off my plate unless you want me to get green in my face!” Or “Ahh, sorry can’t have this, olive oil always makes me feel so bloated”

Isn’t it more the opposite? This wonder is used in pharmaceuticals, as fuel for lamps, cosmetics or soaps. While I won’t get into the discussion where the best olive oil comes from (Cough, Greece) this one from Spain is actually pretty delicious with flavours of the richest lemons, not only on my tongue but also on my skin. The lemons are the reasons we chose it, cause who says we shouldn’t play with even the more traditional ingredients in our food?!

Now if our skin is the biggest organ we have eating whatever we put on there, it should only be the good stuff right? ;)

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