Cocktail Party


You know that feeling of it almost being weekend but not quite yet? Your body understands this but your mind not really. All you can think about is the upcoming free time filled with all kinds of pleasures.

Sweet pleasures like meeting friends, being relaxed, thinking about things that feel good to you, maybe some dancing, maybe a few drinks? Ha, but guess what; all of that you can have in one stick. At least that’s what it did to me.

One of these cocktail flavoured lollies made me want to to loosen my hair, it must have been mojito! Spicy cosmopolitan made me want to unbutton my vest and kinky strawberry daiquiri turned on the music to Justin Timberlake to the maximum.

And I am telling ya if that ain’t enough freedom-feeling, try the Piña Colada who will make sure confetti flies in all corners of your office. is where you can find all kinds of flavours. Enjoy!

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