Eggs on crack


Are you the clumsy kind of type? I am not. I made sure when I was little to not offend the grown ups and not make a mess. That sort of kinda worked. But you probably know that these strategies can only cover up who you are for so long.

Embracing my personal clumsiness took a while but also is source of one my most brilliant ideas. Like this one when I broke a bunch of eggs on the floor and all their liquid fluids were making a slimy pool for all the breadcrumbs.

Here I wished the eggs were hard inside instead of this fragile. But not just hard boiled eggs (me no likey) but like with for example my favourite chocolate cake. And so it happened that one day we emptied 100 eggs and filled them carefully with the chocolate dough… How clumsy.

Never doing that again but 6 we can do. For you :) Check out the recipe for the chocolate cake here if you need one. It’s in German though, call me if you need help translating ;) but otherwise it’s a simple nice almond-based chocolate cake. The trick with the egg is the real fun:

  • crack a small hole at the bottom of the egg and with a needle make an even smaller hole at the top.

  • blow through the small hole at the top and all the egg inside will come out at the bottom. Tip: use the eggs to make the cake

  • add a drop of oil inside the egg and swirl so the cake won’t stick.

  • fill the egg half-full of cake dough with a piping bag (you can get those in bigger supermarkets)

  • place in a muffin form surrounded by some foil so they don’t fall.

  • bake in the oven for half the time of what it says in the recipe as the eggs are small than the cake ;)


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