Me, myself and I


One day before Christmas I can imagine you have spent quite some time with the loved ones in your life. But have you dedicated some quality time with the most important person in your life? Yourself!

So right before the big disaster (or fiesta ;) I want to propose to you that you propose to yourself. Take a bubble-bath, look into the mirror and send yourself kisses OR just bake yourself a ring like I did.

It’s super easy. With just a regular shortcrust dough in a quite small amount you form a ring and also a little circle. Then you bake both of course and afterwards glue the circle on top of the ring with some glazing of powdered sugar and water. After it has set for a little while you want to add some more glazing on top of the circle and then add the kaviar pearls made out of fruit because really, what’s a ring without the bling?

If you think who is she to talk about self love then by all means - make the ring anyway and give it as a gift or serve it for dinner. Imagine the startled looks of your guests when the first course comes in individual ring cases ;) Of course the very best thing about this ring is that it is 100% edible and even super tasty as a snack.

You can get the bling here for example: where you can even choose between different variations. We used the citrus one…just because I like those lemons which you know well by now.

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