Piñata me


Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas! You made your way through all the 23 days in December and finally the big days are in front of us. Are you excited? You never know how these dense days might turn out. Either full of sweet love or empty expectations. Okay let’s go for the first option ;)

But don’t worry, in our wonderland all you get out of beating our piñata is promising candy and see how much we like it. Surreal, that if you beat something with all your force you get chocolate as reward (don’t try this with your siblings).

We got inspired by the Mexican tradition where especially at Christmas piñatas are generously filled with fruit and candies. You can find guavas, oranges, pieces of sugar cane and wrapped candies. Some courageous people fill them with traps like flour, confetti or even water (do THIS with your siblings). Hehe. But really we actually do like to fill these with for example bags of individual cheese platters and let people play. Now that will be quite the interaction with your guests, no?

As piñatas are an act of celebration; we are celebrating that we made it through an exciting year with this wonderful team and all our beautiful guests and partners. Yeah, thanks for being you out there! And thanks to you for joining our calendar, we are honored that you stuck with us! In fact we would love to hear from you, just so we know you are alive on the other end! Drop us a line with your favorite calendar day right here in the comment section or by mail and we’ll be happy for Christmas <3

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