Bite Marks


You know that feeling when you are hungry, you look into your fridge for food and all you see is the same old stuff? Cabbage, potatoes, an old jar of pickles, maybe some mayonnaise. But all of this does not automatically excite your saliva to come out and play in your mouth?

Yes I know that one. The grown up solution is to go online, find a new recipe, maybe buy more ingredients and cook it. Done. Feels like work. But we found this other strategy can also do the trick. Strictly forbidden in probably all cultures. Playing with your food!

Sometimes you don’t need to change the ingredients but just dress them up differently. Like we did here, taking regular potatoes and shaping them with these cute cut out letters to something that seems attractive to you. Like Bite Me potatoes. Suddenly a regular smørrebrød becomes special. And believe me you don’t have to be 5 years old to be excited to eat your own name. Next step will be dancing it. Nah just kidding ;)

Wanna mark your food? Grab the letters here

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