City Fish


Did you know that in the last 10 years I have lived in 5 capitals all over Europe? Yes, maybe. BUT did you know that really, I am a village girl by heart? Jap. I like the local vibe of a small boring town with large landscapes and nights that are pitch black and dead mouse silent. At the same I can get bored like a hamster in its wheel so city life just suits me better.

And I love it because I can still go fishing whenever I want to. I have this magical fishing line which I can throw out of the window and voilá I catch fish. I swear ;) Canned fish tasting so fresh that all you need is a lemon, which I always carry in my pocket anyway and a salty piece of bread. Uhh, throws me right back to the village.

The European Sprat, also known as bristling or Russian sardine is occasionally available at the french balconies of Jagtvej in Copenhagen or more reliably here

Call me if you need to borrow my fishing skills ;)

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