Blue Magic


I must admit that I have never been strong in chemistry. The only part I could ever find curiosity in was the lab equipment. And maybe that is why Bite Me’s storage is full of test tubes, petri dishes, lab coats and so on. Usually we take those items out of the science context and serve pretty food from it however this time let’s go back to the lab, aka our dish washing kitchen.

In our experiences we always try to use the greatness of colors and their mesmerizing effects. And while you can easily create a pure red out of tomatoes, pink out of beetroot, yellow out of turmeric and green out of well, green vegetables, blue is always a trouble maker.

Nonetheless, there is one exquisite flower that can turn water blue. The Butterfly Pea Flower. Tastes like almost nothing, I read in South East Asia, where the plant comes from people like to drink this refreshment with honey and lemon. I have no f*cking clue why this wonder can turn pink when you add acid like lime, but I knew this powerful plant must be a female. Wikipedia confirms my assumption, check out her latin name “Clitoria ternatea”. See, told ya so ;)

Anyhow you can find it in most Asian stores. For the ones in Copenhagen, try the one in the Meat Packing District.

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