Sexual mandarins


I have recently heard that eating food is the only other activity next to sex that engages all our senses. Akward silence pause. Ok, now that you had a few seconds to digest this idea, think about this, we have these senses called: smelling, tasting, touching, hearing and seeing. And when we eat we activate all of them while it’s essence also moves through our body, another case food and sex have in common. Huh, sounds familiar? Akward silence number 2.

Yes, so if there was a way to stimulate your senses even more through richness of tastes or extreme aromas wouldn’t you want to know they exist and maybe elevate your plate once in a while? ;)

Well, I do. So here is this crazy intense and beautiful aroma made out of distilled mandarines which you can get from here Its organic, comes from my home area (almost) and is so worth trying in your next cocktail or cream dessert like we did here. And how else to show you the orgasm, eh I am mean mouthful, oh no wow effect of a few drops if not mandarins exploding right in the bowl.

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