Trickster plates


You know we have been in this business for almost 7 years, say what! and over time we have been learning more and more what it takes to create an experience. We started with looking at what goes on the plate (like good food), then what goes around the plate, (like tablecloth, glasses, a bottle of wine maybe), then atmosphere (sexy staff ;) good music, candle lights..) but for god sake we hardly looked at the plate itself!

Duh! Such an obvious one and also undeniable pretty when you look at the ones we used here.

You have probably heard that the color and shape of your plate also plays a role in how you experience a meal and finally if you like or dislike the food. So here we chose a monochrome menu not because we wanna be hipster, no no but because there is actually research behind this stuff. There is something about eating from red plates that makes you eat less because, red=danger in our brain and green which has the opposite effect, it makes food more appealing. And that we always welcome! You see I couldn’t help myself ;) It must be true.

For this GIF we’ve used the great collection from

And if you want to dive into the topic of food and color, start with reading Charles Spence - you can find a little taster here

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