Bee in the hood


You heard about this big as* word sustainability? Yes of course, what a question. It is something we deeply care about but hardly mention because we rather entertain you with it. Today I want to emphasize we not only like it green but also local. How local? Ok take this, let me introduce you to the golden liquid from By Bi (city bee) which in this specific jar is made by bees that live in the area Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Of course we needed to eat it with something that is also located in the same district.

So here you see me walking into Ankara (Istedgade 69) ordering myself one of the best falafels in town and pouring the golden honey right over it. Ok, in case you are stretching your face into disgust, don’t. It only makes wrinkles and you clearly haven’t tried this taste combination which you absolutely should! There is something about the honey that binds the loose lettuce to the onions and feta and hugs the warm falaffel with all its rich sweetness.

Go do it, the store owners know now what’s going on now and laugh their butts off. Oh are you saying this action contributed to social sustainability and feeling of community? Jaha I would say so. Quadrouple win situation. Oh and take me with you when you go yes?!

By the way, there should be local city honey production in most bigger cities these days, find your local supplier!

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