Master your own brew


We are all animals of routines did you know? Yes you did. So are we. Which means when you have to come up with new ideas as much as we do, you should know we also get stuck and frustrated. The best way to get me out of bad mood is tickling me, I dare you to attack when we ever meet ;)

But no seriously, we found out a rather simple trick that can get us unstuck. Take something regular, something you know and put them together to something third. Just like we did to create this mocktail with a french press you might have at home and some classic Earl Grey tea.

Just like tickling this method is super simple, you can do it for sure and it feels wonderful! Well for me that is ;)

Get the recipe below.

Take around 8 fresh blackberries and crush them with 4 table spoons of sugar in the french press. Take the equivalent of 8 bags of Earl Grey and them to the mix and pour hot water over it. Wait 4 minutes and press the lid down. Now wait some more until its cold (ca 30 min). Pour the mixture in a glass with loads of ice cubes and finally toss 2 table spoons of fresh cold cream over it (or more if you like). Top up with fresh berries. Voilá enjoy my friend.

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