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On this page we introduce you to our Experience Marketing products - divided into 4 purposes. Each level can be combined with each other. Or stand all by itself, naturally.

Jonas Grøn, Food Anthropologist, and Anastasia Dimitriadis, CEO.

Jonas Grøn, Food Anthropologist, and Anastasia Dimitriadis, CEO.


Tasting Experiences

For clients, influencers or consumers


There is a scary gap from production line to real people actually tasting, feeling and trying it all out. How do you guide their experience so it reflect your intentions when developing your product? That’s what TASTING EXPERIENCES are all about.

TASTING EXPERIENCES can be for both re-sellers whom you want to really feel your product and story and it can be for influencers or the final consumer to help create that buzz that makes the shelves empty out and create long-term ambassadors.

This product is for you if:

  • You have a great product or a collection of great things that you want out there. In their best version.

  • You want to let your product be experienced in a natural setting, something fun rather than the usual stiffness.

  • You want the guests to interact with each other; and with you of course - so they share fond memories and share the tale.

With a bottle of milk thrown into our hand (yes, a bottle of milk), we headed straight into the beating heart of the crowd... [...] With a sizzling frying pan in hand, I grabbed some sausages and made some of the best hot dogs I’ve ever made, even if I do say so myself.
— Yaya & Lloyd, Founders of the blog Hand Luggage Only

Concept Development

For new products, campaigns & projects


This product is for you if:

  • You want creative expert input for how you can develop your product, experience or campaign.

  • You want to have anything between the fun idea to a plug’n’play solution that’s just about putting people to work.

  • You want to draw on a lot of different inputs from a variation of fields you don’t usually have next to you.

Now, sometimes you just need a helping set of hands and heads to develop exactly the right concept. It could be for an experience you intend to organise yourself or in the middle of developing new products or campaigns.

With CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT we bring our agency of experts together with you to come up with a fitting concept. Then you can go execute it all yourself and enjoy the rewards with no expectation to share. Though we always love to hear how it goes, of course.

Creating a set of snacks playing with participant expectation they took our brief and expanded it with their skill set. Apart from being lovely and inspiring people they posses both knowledge and tools that take meals from just eating to complete experiences.
— Luisa Carbonelli, Co-organiser Alibis for Interaction

content production

For sharing the experience in a digital world


One thing is providing people with a great experience but what about all the people in the world that you can never reach? Well, thank whomever for the internet. CONTENT PRODUCTION is about translating a great product into a digital experience that will be reflected in sales and outreach.

Within CONTENT PRODUCTION we work with multiple formats, from video to text but with a focus on the inspiring stories. Of course it combines nicely with tasting experiences and our events.

This product is for you if:

  • You want to translate your product experience into digital content.

  • You want to share the inspiring stories from either yourself, partners or ambassadors with the world.

  • You want content with creative twists to catch that bit of attention in your campaigns.

What I thought would be a 1 hour dinner where I’d take a few photos, eat something, and leave, turned into 5 hours of cooking, drinking, eating and enjoying life with all the great people I met.
— Hazel Evans, Co-Founder Mad About Copenhagen

& your crazy dream

Draw whatever your heart desires. Then give us a call.

Bite Me didn’t only turn my ideas and dreams into reality - they added something to all dimensions. In that way it became my event as I had imagined it - just much better than I had dared to hope for.
— Morten Østergaard, member of parliament and former Danish minister

This product is for you if:

  • You want to break the frames we’ve given you so far

  • You have even bigger dreams for an event or experience

  • You are seeking a long-term collaboration

  • Or really just to symbolise that we are always open for a brainstorm with you