Cozy Sunday Meal with Marcela Velasco

For Sunday December 2nd we have invited an entirely new friend of ours, Marcela Sandoval Velasco, and together we’ll take a culinary Sunday trip to her hometown in Mexico, both her mother’s house and the local streets! Want to come? So Marcela came to Copenhagen a few years ago and is, in her own words, a scientist by profession and a cook by heart. You might notice in the slightly geeky menu description below ;) and take a look at the introduction video where Marcela and Anastasia try out the Huaraches!

Sold out - hope to see you for the next one instead. See the dates below:

The Menu for December 2nd

Sopa Purépecha: traditional bean soup from Marcela’s hometown that combines corn, beans and chili. All are some of the principal components of 'la milpa'; a mesoamerican crop-wrowing system based around a balanced ecosystem of plants that supports maize growth. And one of Marcela’s favourite soups.
Huaraches: named for it’s characteristic oval shape, resembling the form of a sandal (huarache is the name used for sandals). It’s a popular Mexican dish consisting of masa dough shaped ovally, cooked and topped with a variety of delicious elements - some sort of  protein, beans, salsa, onion, coriander, lettuce, cream and cheese. The typical street-food you would eat on a Sunday
Flan de vainilla: Marcela’s Mom's recipe. It’s the kind of desert they always got at home on a Sunday family gathering.

About Cozy Sunday Meals

After lots questions about when we will finally hold another public dinner, we came up with a concept very dear to our hearts - something we miss to have for ourselves: Every 1st Sunday of the month we are inviting friends and followers of Bite Me to join us for an intimate and personal food experience at our Villa in Østerbro. We strive for the feeling of the Sunday meal, at “home” with only 20 tickets sold.

Every time we invite a new talented chef, that we know or just want to get to know, to interpret the Sunday Meal through his or her menu; accompanied by a video interview and recipe. 99% of the ticket price goes straight to the chef so it’s their playground for the evening. We just lean back, pour the wine and join the dinner table with you.

It all takes place at Villa Kultur on Krausesvej 3 on Østerbro with the doors opening at 5pm and food served around 6pm. There will be drinks at family-prices - paid with MobilePay. Bring your friend or your family for a Cozy Sunday Meal - fueled by good people and good food.

Jonas Grønsunday meal