Internship: Visual Communication and Social Media

Do you want to be part of a creative team that creates playful, memorable moments through food experiences? Well, look no further!


At Bite Me we believe memorable experiences start with great food and fun interactions in good company. We draw on methodologies like Design Thinking and Service Design but also on perspectives on experiences from the world of anthropology and performance design, so we have chosen to call what we do Food Experience Design. In short we work with every aspect of how we can better experience better things. This means that a big part of our daily work is to come up with new fun ideas and concepts for our events and then make them happen!

What will I do?

We are looking for an intern that shares our love of good food and playful experiences. We are a small team which means we all take part in researching and coming up with ideas. Your main tasks will be to take photos and make videos for our visual communication as well as be in charge of our social media and part of the development and maintenance of our website.  You will be offered a chance to work with visual communication at all stages from idea and strategy to production and visual design.

Who should I be?

Probably just yourself. We don't care much for exact education as long as you can agree to some of the things above beside and:

  • You speak and write fluently in english

  • You are good with a camera and preferably have experience in video production as well

  • You know how to work instagram and facebook

  • You have a love of creative and visual communication as well as branding

The internship will run from start February till the end of May or start June.

What's in it for me?

We think that we rock. That's one thing and we are not gonna make you fetch coffee but rather invite you to be fully part of the crew and the chance to design an internship where we aim to challenge you exactly in the areas you want to learn. More specifically you get:

  • A creative workspace in the heart of Østerbro

  • A team where all ideas are welcome and taken into consideration

  • Flexibility both in time and work assignments

  • A laid-back environment with occasional Friday beers

  • A place where interns are valued just as high as any employee

Our office is located in the cultural and creative workspace Villa Kultur. The Villa is a playground for cultural entrepreneurs and creative minds. It is a place where we collaborate and inspire each other with our different expertises and skills. If you’re interested in the cultural scene of Copenhagen, Villa Kultur is the place to be.

What should I do now?

Write a mail to before the 19th of November. Include a short motivational letter and describe, what you can do, what you want and why you want to be part of the crew. Remember to attach CV and/or portfolio and so on.

Jonas Grøn